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$ 13708.41 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54272.3 USD

Price for 1 BTC

Huobi Global

$ 54720.49 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54921.2 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54932.83 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54967 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54972.08 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54972.51 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54973.55 USD

Price for 1 BTC

Binance US

$ 54974.08 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54974.96 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54983.2 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54983.9 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 54991.5 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 55051 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 56899 USD

Price for 1 BTC


$ 60000 USD

Price for 1 BTC

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first ever created cryptocurrency, and the creation of the technology known as the blockchain. Blockchain and Bitcoin is a one of a kind invention that will change the world forever.

Bitcoin was created by an unknown person/group under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and has since grown to become well-known all over the world and is only getting bigger.


Where do I buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin in different ways today. You can use an online cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin from others using these online websites.

Other ways are buying Bitcoin from people via peer-to-peer marketplaces. Other options are buying Bitcoin from online broker sites.

These sites have access to liquidation pools and provide you with a service to buy Bitcoin from their site directly.

And if you are buying Bitcoin in large volumes you can buy BTC from a Bitcoin OTC desk.

And to help you compare prices when you want to purchase some Bitcoins you can use our site (Go CryptoMarket) to help you find the best places to buy Bitcoin based on price, features, fees, etc.


How do I buy Bitcoin?

When you have decided to buy a cryptocurrency, you should decide how you go about it. We talked about the different options in the section above, and they would be:

  1. Buy Bitcoin via a cryptocurrency exchange

  2. Buy Bitcoin via a cryptocurrency broker site

  3. Buy Bitcoin via a p2p marketplace

  4. Buy Bitcoin via an OTC desk


The main reason for you to buy BTC via a OTC desk would be if you bought in large volumes, more than $100,000+ USD.

If it less than that it is recommended you use any of the other methods. And most commonly it is that people use cryptocurrency exchanges.



Because it is often cheaper, as in fewer and lower fees and better conversion rates.

The main reason for you to use a p2p marketplace would be if you wanted to pay in cash, PayPal or another payment method which wasn’t available at a cryptocurrency exchange. Or because you wanted to stay anonymous.

And the main reason to use a cryptocurrency broker site is if you wanted to buy Bitcoin quickly, and or with a credit card or debit card. These sites often take a larger fee and have worse conversion rates than exchanges.

If you would want to buy Bitcoin via a cryptocurrency exchange simply use our tool here to buy BTC and select the exchange with the best price, features or any other reason that suits you.

BTC is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. So there are greater options and variety of sites and exchanges to buy it from.


Then the process of buying a cryptocurrency is easily broken down to these main steps:

  1. Find an exchange, broker site, p2p marketplace or OTC desk

  2. Sign up and verify your identity and pass any KYC/AML tests (if required)

  3. Deposit funds (bank transfer, credit or debit card, etc)

  4. Buy the cryptocurrency

  5. Create your own secure wallet

  6. Send your cryptocurrencies to that wallet

That’s it. After that it is just about enjoying yourself and welcome to the crypto club!


Why should I use Go CryptoMarket when I want to buy some BTC?

You can use our site to find real-time prices for Bitcoin at the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Not only that you can also find the best BTC deal based on price, reviews and ratings and filters based on your needs.
Using Go CryptoMarket is easy. Simply click on BTC and Buy and then we show the best results based on your searches.

Then pick an exchange, head on over to the exchange and register a new account. Then fund your account with a bank transfer or credit/debit card purchase and then start buying BTC.


Where do I store my Bitcoin?

After you have bought some Bitcoin you need a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet. In the crypto and Bitcoin world cryptocurrencies are stored on the blockchain and accessed to using wallet applications.

Each wallet has a private key and a public key. The private key is your secret access code that lets you take control of your Bitcoins. And the public key is an address that you can share to others so they can send you their Bitcoins. If you would trade with them.

So, when you are thinking about the long-term storage options for your BTC you should look into what kind of cryptocurrency wallet you want. You can run different types of Bitcoin wallet applications when interacting with your BTC.

From mobile wallets, to desktop wallets or web wallets. But it is recommended by many experienced Bitcoin holders and traders to buy a secure hardware wallet (find different Bitcoin wallets here).

These hardware wallets for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adds a lot of useful security features that helps to protect your BTC.