Ever since it opened its doors in 2011, Bitstamp has provided a reliable gateway into the crypto universe for individuals and institutions worldwide. It is Europe’s biggest exchange by trading volum...

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Exchange Fsym Tsym
Bitstamp BTC USD
Bitstamp BTC EUR
Bitstamp XRP USD
Bitstamp XRP EUR
Bitstamp XRP BTC
Bitstamp LTC USD
Bitstamp LTC EUR
Bitstamp LTC BTC
Bitstamp ETH USD
Bitstamp ETH EUR
Bitstamp BCH USD
Bitstamp BCH EUR
Bitstamp BCH BTC
Bitstamp ETH BTC
Bitstamp EUR USD
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Bitstamp Ltd 5 New Street Square London EC4A 3TW United Kingdom

Deposit Methods

SEPA Astropay Bitcoin Litecoin Credit Card eCheck International Wire Transfer Ripple HOW LONG DOES DEPOSIT USUALLY TAKE? A bank wire transfer typically takes 2-5 business days to reach our account. SEPA deposits must go through additional step of converting funds to USD, which can in some cases delay deposit for additional day. International deposits are processed and credited right upon receiving. CAN I DEPOSIT FUNDS FROM A BANK ACCOUNT OTHER THAN MY OWN? All transfers to and from your Bitstamp account must be paid from or be received by a bank account hold in your name. I HAVE AN ACCOUNT AT AN EU BANK. CAN I DEPOSIT USD THROUGH SEPA? Please note that all SEPA transfers are strictly denominated in EUR. We will receive SEPA transfers in EUR and will convert them to USD according to our bank exchange rates. HOW LONG DO I NEED TO WAIT FOR MY BITCOIN DEPOSIT? At least 3 network confirmations, it may take up to 1 hour for the bitcoin network to confirm the transaction. WHAT IS AN ECHECK? An eCheck is a direct debit from a customer bank account that is then deposited into his Bitstamp account. HOW LONG DOES AN ECHECK TAKE TO CREDIT? It usually takes between 2 and 5 business days. WHO CAN USE ECHECK? The service is currently available only for Canadian residents. HOW CAN I USE ECHECK? You can find eCheck under the deposit section. Where you first have to register and afterwards add your bank account details. Once the bank account is verified through a micro deposit you are good to go!

Withdrawal Methods

SEPA: 0.90 EUR Bank Transfer International Wire Transfer Bitcoin Litecoin Ripple Debit Card Gold WHO PAYS THE WITHDRAWAL FEE? Not regarding to withdrawal method, a fee will be displayed before executing the withdrawal and deducted from amount. SEPA withdrawals are charged with fixed 0.90€ fee once your funds are converted to EUR. Minimum amount for SEPA withdrawal is $10.00. International withdrawals are charged with 0.09% fee, minimum fee is $15.00. Minimum amount for international withdrawal is $50.00. HOW LONG DOES WITHDRAWAL USUALLY TAKE? SEPA zone transfers usually take 2-3 business days. For clients outside SEPA zone it takes up to 5 business days. WHAT IS A THIRD PARTY WITHDRAWAL? Third party withdrawals are defined as those withdraws which are meant to be transferred to account or financial institution that is titled in a name that is different from registered Bitstamp account. Transfers to corporate bank accounts may require further KYC checking.


United Kingdom


Ever since it opened its doors in 2011, Bitstamp has provided a reliable gateway into the crypto universe for individuals and institutions worldwide. It is Europe’s biggest exchange by trading volume and offers trading of BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP paired with USD, EUR, and BTC. Beginners can purchase crypto with credit cards, while experienced traders can use a range of order types and analytical tools. The exchange is a pioneer in crypto security and regulation, having developed a number of best practices for the industry, like cold storage of assets, multisig wallets and segwit implementation. With a mature approach to the industry, Bitstamp serves as the bridge between traditional finance and crypto.


Fee % 30 days USD volume 0.25% < $20,000 0.24% < $100,000 0.22% < $200,000 0.20% < $400,000 0.15% < $600,000 0.14% < $1,000,000 0.13% < $2,000,000 0.12% < $4,000,000 0.11% < $20,000,000 0.10% > $20,000,000 FEE ROUNDING The fees are calculated to two decimal places, all fees which might exceed this limitation are rounded up. The rounding up is executed in such a way that the second decimal digit is always one digit value higher than it was before the rounding up. For example; a fee of 0.111 will be charged as 0.12. The minimum allowable trade is $5 USD.